We are always interested in speaking to experienced financial correspondents located across Europe. If you think you would enjoy working for Econostream Media, please send a copy of your CV along with a brief cover letter to careers@econostream-media.com.

Most recent opportunities:

June 2024

Financial Correspondent

The opportunity: A financial correspondent working full-time to help Econostream Media cover monetary policy and sovereign debt issuance in the Eurozone. Although the average person may have only the vaguest idea – if any – of what monetary policy is, it is of critical importance to the ups and downs of the macroeconomy. The central bankers responsible for charting the course of monetary policy are thus some of today’s most influential decision-makers, and financial markets hang on their every word. With global inflation still elevated and the European Central Bank on the verge of cautiously embarking on a policy loosening cycle, now is the most exciting moment conceivable to be reporting on monetary policy in the region.

You will cultivate relevant high-level contacts at assigned central banks, regularly speaking with these officials on the record and on background; cover spot news events remotely or in person; produce frequent original written contributions to our newswire; interview senior sovereign debt managers; and potentially discuss your insights during calls with our clients.

Important: Applications will be accepted ONLY in the form of a CV, along with a brief cover letter, at careers@econostream-media.com. Applicants who do not heed this will not be considered.

Where: The successful candidate will be located within or, at most, very near the euro area and in or near a major capital (or Frankfurt), and work from home, with some travel in the region.

Who are Econostream Media? We are a fast-growing news agency dedicated to coverage of central banks, debt issuers and the macroeconomy. We are rapidly gaining a reputation for differentiated and impactful coverage whilst maintaining a strong ethos of objective, credible and hype-free reporting.

Our mission is to provide insight and understanding of monetary policy and its future path by breaking news on changes in policy and views of key central bank officials. We want to be recognised globally as the premier provider of the highest quality news in our field. We stay laser-focussed on this mission, producing only relevant, insightful coverage underpinned by on-the-record and background conversations with policymakers.

We currently focus on the European Central Bank, the national central banks of the euro area and the DMOs (debt management offices) of the region, but plan to expand globally. We are looking to build a small team of senior, best-in-class reporters unconstrained by the bureaucracy and micro-management of larger organisation and able to do what they do best: producing world-class coverage and insights. You can see our recent reporting at https://www.econostream-media.com/news.

Why work for Econostream Media?

  • Highly competitive compensation package including salary and bonuses
  • High degree of autonomy and flexibility
  • Join a rapidly expanding organisation and play a key role in influencing our direction and success
  • Focus on big stories, exclusives and fostering relationships
  • Fully remote position
  • Opportunity to earn partner status including profit-sharing

What we need from you:

  • Significant experience as a journalist. You should be able to point to a track record of impactful reporting
  • Strong interest in and knowledge of macroeconomic issues; prior experience with monetary policy would be highly advantageous
  • The desire and ability to cultivate a network of high-ranking officials
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Strong knowledge of at least one major non-English euro area language (provide details on CV or in cover letter)
  • Great teamwork and communication skills
  • Self-driven and motivated

We are an equal opportunity employer - we hire great people from a wide variety of backgrounds and are committed building a diverse team. We believe this will make our team stronger. If you share our values and can bring the skills and passion we need, then you will find a great home with us.

How to apply: If the above sounds like you, and ONLY if it sounds like you, then we look forward to receiving your CV, along with a brief but indispensable cover letter, at careers@econostream-media.com. Again, this is the only way to apply.